Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"ENGINEERING" has been chosen as the TOUGHEST course


ok, hari nie aku asyik nampak status nie je berlegar-legar kat wall home fesbuk aku...

ea2, aku bukan engineer lagi, kecoh-kecoh pehal kan...ok, bukan kecoh la syg intan payung delima permata bagai...aku just nak share je..

jom baca status apa tu....

ni ha:

"ENGINEERING" has been chosen as the TOUGHEST course among all d courses including BCOM, Bca, IAS, IPS and MBBS; by the Guinnes Book of World Records, on 18Aug 2010. It has 58 university exams,130 series exams,174 assignments within 4years(max 750 working days). All engineers post this on your wall for at least two hours and be proud to be an engineer!

hopefully one day aku boleh la join geng2 engineer..

~~HOPEFUL~~ amin.... (^_^)

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